Welcome to the website of the Sunshine Association, the non-profit organisation that supports children with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities, their families and communities.

As the Sunshine Association believes early intervention is crucial to the development of these children, we offer an early intervention programme to children with disabilities/delays from the age of 18 months.

What makes us so special is our passion for children with disabilities, our holistic approach and our dedicated staff who go out of their way to better understand and service the special needs of each individual child.

In addition to providing day care and after care centres for children, we also offer families training and home care programmes to assist them with supporting and developing their children with special needs.

The Sunshine Association partners with business organisations and community groups to grow the capacity of emerging projects for children with disabilities/delays. These projects are rolled out over two to three years.

We offer a range ofcourses and a unique training programme to parents, caregivers and professionals who engage with children with disabilities and delays. This programme is endorsed by experts from several universities.

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